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  • Marine Consulting - Konsultacije u pomorstvu
  • Marine Audits and Inspection - Pomorske Inspekcije i Vjestacenja
  • Export and Import - Uvoz i Izvoz (Evropa Azija I Pacifik)
  • Manning agency - Ukrcaj pomoraca
  • Port Management - Menadzment luka i marina


During May last year our agency have organized tanker officer seminar for our principal with more than 60 seafarers participating from various countries and continents.

Main topics on seminar have been:

MCRM – Introduction

Human Performance and Limitations – Attitudes

Cultural Awareness – Situational Awareness

Team and Team state – Communications and Briefings

Decision making

Accident/Incident performance and our vision for zero accidents

Technical incidents presentation

Risk Assessment process

Cyber security policies & procedures

Performing good performance appraisals

Vetting, PSC & Environmental performance statistics & objectives

Training on C/P & BLs

Apart of training sessions, we have organize various tourist tours for participants, including food and beverage.