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Association of Agencies for the Employment of Seafarers of Montenegro

Association of Agencies for the Employment of Seafarers of Montenegro was founded on December 5th, 2019, in Kotor and it was entered in the register of non-governmental organizations by decision UPI 01-056 / 20-298, under ordinal number 9665, issued by the Ministry of Public Administration on January 24th 2020. Our agency is one of founders of association.

The goals of the Association are:

· Promotion, development and bussines improvement of Montenegro crewing agencies,

· Protection of the interests and rights of members in accordance with existing legislation and the Statute.

· Providing the best and highest quality job offers for seafarers and services to its Clients in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

· Promotion of seafarers occupation.

· Reducing seafarer’s unemployment and developing the maritime industry of Montenegro as a hole.  

The activities of the Association are:

· Representing the interests of members of the Association before state authorities,

· Proposing legal solutions related to the activity of crewing agencies in the employment of seafarers, education system and training system for seafarers.

· Establishing own rules of conduct for members.

· Cooperation with similar organizations in the field of crewing activities, seafarers’ organizations and other maritime organizations.

· Cooperating with organizations providing education and training for seafarers.

· Information of seafarers on the state of the international maritime labor market.

· Organizing consultations, seminars, lectures, round tables, etc. in the field of the employment of seafarers.

· Publishing professional papers in the field of the employment of seafarers.

Membership in the Association is voluntary. Legal entities registered for performing the seafarer’s crewing activity and to which the competent state authority has issued a work permit may be members of the Association, provided they accept the goals and activities defined by the Statute of the Association.

Bodies of the assosiation:

· The Assembly:  Capt. Lazovic Nenad, Capt. Lucic Boro, Capt. Macic Goran, Mijovic Bojan, Capt. Milutin Janko, Capt. Sikimic Spiro i Vitic Nela.

· The President of the association: Capt. Nenad Lazovic, and

The president of the assembly: Capt. Janko Milutin.