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About us

Our companies are involved in various businesses on Asia, Pacific and Southern Europe markets since 2007, mostly in shipping industry.

Since establishment of cooperation’s with some of biggest German shipping companies, we have been involved in training, certification and employment of seafarers from Montenegro and Pacific island countries.

Through such cooperation’s, we organized container transport connecting Asia and Pacific region with Southern Europe.

Our management team is setup of young but well educated, experienced and dedicated staff with great experience in their field of works, such as maritime sector where our staff collected more than 100 years of joined experience in various aspects of shipping industry, working as senior officers on ocean-going vessels, and holding senior positions at shore based jobs.

We have been working with NZAID, AUSAID, World Bank, and many other regional and world leading companies and organizations in promoting maritime safety, seafarers training and IMO goals.

The Owner and Managing Director of our companies, Capt. Boro Lucic has a pleasure to meet many interesting people holding senior positions within their Governments or organizations, such as can be seen on picture below: with Governor General of Australia (1); with US Secretary of Navy (2); and with US Army Lt. General – commander of US Marine Corps in Japan (3).


Our Sales Manager, Mr. Milan Jancic is famous water-polo goalkeeper who has been playing during course of his sports career for some of biggest European teams of the time, such as JADRAN HN and BECEJ (European Champion). He has been playing for our national teams on various international championships and has been elected as a Best European Goalkeeper of the Year. Since he retired from his sport career he joined us promoting winning attitude and giving great contribution to our team.

Our Head of Maritime Sector, Mr.Miro Lucic with his great experience collected during more than 30 years at sea, has contribute a lot to our maritime department. With his experience and knowledge in tanker and dry-dock operations we gained a lot, enabling us to extend our services in maritime sector.

Our Financial director, Ms. Jelica Lucic, apart of her important job with us, always found time for her hobby – breeding of dogs (Alabai Montenegro Kennel –

We proudly support:

FK OBILIC Herceg Novi ( 

Kennel Club of Herceg Novi (